about me


i'm {twentysomething} (getting close to the thirtysomething!)
i'm a faith-girl, a God-girl.
i married the love of my life. 
our journey hasn't been perfect, but it's being perfected.
we have three smalls, under the age of  6  7

i like pretty;
papers and twines, and fabrics and buttons,
lace and garlands and buntings and ribbons
i like old;
things with character, with a story to tell
teacups {of course} and colour

i love to create
to sew, to crochet, to write, to bake

i am a part of a movement of churches
i couldn't live without my church
they are my support network,
my friends,
my family

i live in a seaside town in
western australia

i'm a born and bred west-aussie girl
i love the ocean
i try to be good at gardening

mostly i'm just good at having a chat over a hot cup of tea
{go easy on the milk please}
you should pour yourself one, and stay for a while!


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I'm @mynameisem on instagram
come and say hi!



  1. Hi 'Em' then! I'm a fellow God-girl, thirty-something, love tea and pretty teacups and 'old' and craft and daughters x 2... Our friends started C3 Cairns so know a bit about yours and love visiting theirs when we holiday up there....
    Love your beautiful blog!
    I'll pop in when I can :)

  2. I've just found your blog - love it! I'm also a West Aussie (God-girl too)down in the south :-) Looking forward to having a longer look around when I have a minute - I also have 3 kids 6 and under!

  3. Stumbled across your blog while looking for a recipe for chocolate weet bix slice, a lovely friend from church made me a bag of lunchbox freezable things for my kids while I am having a hard time with my newborn and me. My husband is a pastor and we love Jesus.


I love that you visited, and love LOVE that you took time to say hello!