Friday, October 31, 2014

indigo dye, christmas lists

It's a mishmash of colour and pattern. 
Each one a surprise as I lift from the dye bucket, remove elastic bands and unfold gingerly. The colour was more vibrant, then. 
It faded after washing, leaving me with soft indigo in its crinkled and sun-kissed state. 

We placed our dye buckets out in the sunshine, on my back lawn. 
Between teas and chatter it didn't take much effort and I remembered, after a semester of study and not much crafting, what I love so much about creating.
The anticipation, and the creativity flowing. 
And the truth that creativity breeds creativity. It expands, not depletes when it's used - like all good, solid things; generosity, forgiveness, faith... fitness. 

These will be ironed and hemmed, backed ready to gift relatives - napkins, tea towels and placemats. My list is slowly being ticked off already, and with only eight Sundays until Christmas I know the time is sure to pass quickly - and I dread retail this time of year. 

Ideas are flowing, and will include more of the handmade presents I have been hoping to have a chance to make. 



  1. Beautiful Em.
    I dread the shops at Christmas time too, so handmade and thrifted is the way to go I think.


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