Sunday, November 17, 2013

cheers to you

Oh hi!
You to visit this space.
You who leave encouraging comments, and thoughts.
Cheers to you!

There are so many facets to blogging I didn't think about before I began.
What started as a place to draw forth the writer in me, to cultivate the creative within me personally, has become more of a place of community than I realised it could.

I, however haven't encouraged this as much as I could. 

I haven't always made the effort to reply to your comments (although I do my absolute best!), or visit your spaces, or return the connection.

So I've nervously created a Facebook page.

Nervously, because it's always scary putting myself out there.
Because I often battle with thoughts about not being good enough, and wondering why I should even continue to type away in this space.
But (and there should always be a but when it comes to self-doubt!) I believe I have something to offer to those who wander the spaces and places of the internet.
I believe I can build a place of encouragement and inspiration and Connection.

And what began as a creative outlet for me will still continue to be.

I'll continue to write what's on my heart and share my life in this small way.

And if you'd like to 'like' my page over on facebook, I might be a little more present there, and hopefully build more meaningful connection, and become a little bit more 'real' for those of you who only know me via the words threaded together roughly, and quickly here.

I hope you'll join me.

Cheers to you!


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