Wednesday, October 16, 2013

twenty nine

Yesterday, I celebrated the last birthday of my twenties. 

It's not often I get behind the camera, and it's even more rare to see Daniel pick it up and flick the lens cap off. Maybe he could feel what I felt? The urge to capture these moments. 
The ones where they scrambled up to sit beside me. 
The ones where we lit, and relit candles for them each to take turns blowing. 
One day, they'll look back at these photographs and delight in how young we were. 
Maybe the pictures will spark a memory in their minds of this time, and this place. 

Birthdays now, are becoming more reflective. 
We marvel in what has been accomplished, and ponder the goals that have yet to be reached.

I have such a sense that my thirtieth year will be the best yet. 



  1. happy happy birthday beautiful Em! even though we've never met, you've been a blessing to me!
    may your thirtieth year be one of much happiness and joy xx

  2. Happiest of birthdays lovely Em. My birthday is Saturday. October Birthdays do rock! Hope you had a wonderful day x

  3. Happy Birthday Em! Gods blessings for a wonderful year. X

  4. Happy birthday! I love how children make grown up birthdays so much more fun! Enjoy the last year, before you join the next decade group like I did this year. Blessings.

  5. Happy belated birthday lovely lady. What gorgeous family pics xx


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