Monday, August 5, 2013

fresh paint, fresh starts

I painted our living room this week. 
It had been on the to-do list since we moved in to this gorgeous little home, mainly due to some water damage and peeling (tan/gold/brown) paint and plaster in an awkward place we couldn't hide with furniture. 
A lovely friend came and helped for a few hours with the cutting in, while I spent the day creating blisters on my palm and working dormant muscles in my arms with the roller. 
The result: a lovely, open, much lighter space - the perfect blank canvas. 

I find myself standing, staring at my work so pleased that it is now done.

See, I've never really been a doer.
I'm a dreamer, wisher, hoper. Not a striver. 

But in the last little while, I've been striving to be more purposeful at the things I do do.
And being the mama of very little people, I often feel like I'm not achieving, not accomplishing much, if anything. 
Keeping said little people fed, bathed and clean-clothed aside, I tend to be a bit of a floater. 
A little bit of sewing, a lot of housework and sometimes, a life that feels a bit empty of accomplishment. 

I have learned though, that accomplishments do not come without a cost. 
That there are things that just will not happen unless you do something about them.
We are learning that together. Our studying will pay off. 
Big things can be achieved, but they usually take a whole lot of little things, little steps.
And the time is now. It's yesterday.

What have you always wanted to do?

I've recently watched a friend who has always wanted to crochet start learning, and now she's off and half way through a granny square blanket! 
She picked up a hook, and she got determined to do that thing!

What about those books you've always wanted to read? Start reading!
That thing you've wanted to learn, or get better at? Practise, learn.
The fitness you've been dreaming about? Begin running. Change your diet. Loose the weight. 
Set goals, start working!
Don't make excuses for the season you are in, you can start small. Just start.

Being a hoper is good, and a dreamer is great.
But those things won't happen without you doing them. 
In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty.*
I'm trying very hard to be a doer.


*Proverbs 14:23


  1. perfect sentiment Em!!! I am a dreamer, a wisher, thinker and such a gonna too! I've started doing, started really pushing myself to get things done and I'm reaping the rewards too! I remember, like your friend learning to crochet and loving I almost forget not knowing how to do it....Oh your newly painted room looks marvellous ! happy days x

  2. Oh I'm a dreamer and a planner many things rushing round in my head all the time
    This year though I've tried to become a little more accountable...a small task done every day. I've also committed to a team sport which is not only fantastic fun but its getting me out there 1-2 x week.
    Love a freshly painted room

  3. I'm a starter, enthusiastic and struggle to finish. I'm learning that Goals really are important and more than just written down ideas. For some reason it's really hard to work towards them. Love your new room - what a lovely canvas. x

  4. i have been wanting to become a better cook. the other day, i woke up with this huge desire to make pasta from scratch. so, i looked online for how-to videos and made my own bow-tie pasta! it was such a victory for me, since i've never felt like i was very accomplished in the kitchen. :) i love these photos of your room - esp the way the sunlight and shadows rest on the walls and mantle.


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