Monday, June 17, 2013

weekly stills

1. It has only taken her 6 months, since her big sister started full-time school, but she has learned how to play alone. For 10 minutes at least
2. I have been following the sunshine around our cold little house. The front lounge gets the most in the afternoon, and this spot is my favourite
3. A reminder, written by the one I have most trouble being patient with. Maybe because she is so much like me?
4. On cold, wet days, Indie tries to camouflage to my bed to avoid torture from the two year old. She makes a nice, purring hot water bottle too, on these icy nights
5. I lost my hook, the stack isn't growing
6. Their favourite pass time. She always wins

Linking my weekly collection with Em's over at the Beetle Shack



  1. Lovely images! I am so glad you are finding patches of sunlight. And as for the 'Love is... patient', I have a mini me too and sometimes it is difficult. Yet, love IS patient, a beautiful reminder xx

  2. Such gorgeous photo's and I have one daughter who is just like me and I have to bite my tongue and hold her close instead of losing my patience too. I love your sunny spot I hope you have lovely warm cheer this winter there. xx

  3. Lovely, lovely shots
    The sense of warmth and family is palpable
    My daughter who iss so very like me tries my patience daily!!

  4. Beautiful shots - I especially love the one of your cat, such a look of contentment! :)

  5. Lovely photos! I found your blog through Em, and I'm hooked! Love the cozy quilt, and the love is patient chalkboard. I think I need a reminder like that, too! Fiona xoxo


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