Thursday, February 7, 2013

tea with me {a new link-up}

These days they're a reward for ticks on the to-do list.
A quick escape, or just the thing to curb the headache/make doing the dishes slightly more enjoyable/procrastinate with.

But tea really? It's best enjoyed with company.
My favourites being the evening cuppa with the husband at the end of a long day.
The kettle is boiled the minute the kids climb into their beds.
And we sit, and chat, heart to heart.
Or that tea that Eden asks me for. "My own tea, mum?" 
And Amie is eager to join in, with her "special mug" from Aunty Tori.

Tea is always heart to heart.
Over the kitchen bench, or at the dining table, or down on the floor with a picnic rug.
However it's done, it helps words to flow, it soothes the soul. It makes me stop. and. think.
Which brings me back to True North. Helps me to hear His still small voice. 
Usually in the encouraging words of a wise friend.

My "tea with me" posts over the last few months have become a way of sharing what has been on my heart, what my week has been like, what I've been reading, or thinking, or dreaming, or hoping, or being inspired by.

And I voiced an idea I'd been pondering on to my gorgeous friend Tammi a little while ago, about opening these posts to a link up. She loved the idea, and has encouraged me since.
I would love to hear about what is going on in your world.
I would love to know what it would be like to have a tea (or a coffee, or even a coke, if that's your flavour!) with you. 
What's on your heart? What have you been reading? How can we encourage, and inspire each other {because that's what happens when you tea with a dear friend, no?}

So my lovelies, I would love to tea with you! 
I think the link-up will be fortnightly, on a Thursday (I'll remind you when it's getting close), and I will leave the linky open for a week, and you can join in whenever it suits you. 

I'm excited... it's like knowing I'm about to have tea with a new friend!


***Edited to add: There is something the linky thumbnails don't like about my blog CSS and I have no idea how to change the fuzzy, stretchy-ness of your beautiful thumbnail pictures down there. They appear perfectly via mobile, but not on a computer screen. My blog desperately needs a makeover from the inside out - anyone know anyone clever who could sort it all out for me? Help! Till then, I'm researching googling like crazy to try to fix it!


  1. Tea is always a heart to heart with my girls too. Something so special about it as they grab their special dotty china cups and together we sit and chat over all things. xxx

  2. Thank you so much to be able to link in. Sorry my picture came out crazy, not sure why but better luck next time. Ps I love a tea in a china cup to share life with someone over.

    1. Hmm... I wonder if it's my linky? I can see the picture perfectly on my phone though, so that's weird. Anyway, thank you for linking up! :) xx

    2. Oh no thanky you Em, your blog is delightful and I look forward to reading every post. xxx

  3. i've joined in too - i hope i did this right!

    1. You did it perfectly! I loved your post! xx

  4. This was a lovely post Em! I enjoyed reading it and then linking up - thanks for the encouragement to sit and write!

  5. I have joined in too, yay! Good luck sorting your blog out, mine has been doing funny things too lately:(

  6. Um, my previous comment seems to have been lost in cyber space..but I'm here and linking in :)
    Thanks for having me lovely...I'd tea with you any day of the week.

  7. My computer is not being co-operative so I will add my link here instead: Thanks for a lovely link-up!

    1. Okay, added my link properly now! Computer is happy today!

  8. This is such a gorgeous idea! All us tea drinkers will surely join in! Fabulous. xx

  9. hey beautiful Em,

    For some reason i couldnt link up (something to do with picture).
    I'll add the link her instead.

    Much love xxx


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