Thursday, February 21, 2013

tea with me {join up here}

If you were to tea with me this week, you'd find me in high spirits. 

I'd have the pretty Royal Albert tea cups out, maybe even the ones from my great grandmother.

I am feeling rested, and excited for the future.

You will undoubtedly hear about my first day back at university for the semester.

On Monday I navigated my way through public transport to my new campus, managed student services, the library, and found my class*. 
*I may or may not have been the mature-aged student with a map. An inconspicuous map, of course.
I wore my wiksten tank, and if you ask me, totally pulled off the 'wearing homemade' thing.

I sat in my class, surrounded by mostly new students, mostly young ones.

I felt intimidated at first. I was sure their education was better, newer, fresher.
That they were confident, and opinionated. And they were. 
But my love for what was being taught overrode any intimidation I felt. 
I breathed in almost every word that came from my lecturer's mouth.
I am going to love this unit. A quick run through of literature from the renaissance to modern literature. From Shakespeare, to Hardy, to Plath... eeeeeeek. Squeal! 
Hashtag 'nerd at heart'.

And on Monday night, Daniel and I sat at the dining table together. 

Polar opposites in so many ways, studying side by side. 
I am proud of us! There are good things to come!

I would ask you what you've made, or what you've been dreaming of making lately.

I'd show you my second wiksten tank and tell you I have started unpacking my creative space, outside in the studio. It's getting there. I can't wait to show you!

I'll ask about how your kids are settling in at school, and how much homework they have, and we would talk about the dreams and hopes we have for our children, beginning with them loving school, and learning.

I'll tell you that we've been reading through the Jesus Storybook Bible again, and that Joel has been telling me about praying. He prays often, he says. Starting with hoping that Jesus has a good day today, and that we are all safe. 
I will tell you about my naughty Indiecat who has been visiting the daycare centre on our street. Not just outside, but waltzing inside to say hello too. Oops! 
I will quote New Girl.
I will ask you about you
Your family, your kids, your studies, your church.
What is making you excited? What plans have you for the year?
What are you doing to de-stress?

Share, please! Have a tea with me!


{Add a link to your blogpost below. I would love to hear what's on your heart, over a cuppa!}


  1. ahhh this is lovely as is that tea cup! I will try to join in next week now i have found it! i would tell you how i felt so poorly today and am tired of being ill and how i loved 1 to1 time with my Popstar and how i found a vintage apron and sewing box today for pennies and how my dogs are still fighting and that the brilliant white walls in my house are music to my soul after dark purple and then i would ask you what your dreams are after studying and then i would ask you to dream big and then add on even more to ensure you live beyond your comfort zone as that is truly living! xxxxxxx

    1. Ooh, sounds like I'd love having a tea with you Jane! And I'd love to see your thrifty find - and I need some of that encouragement to be bold and truly live sometimes!! xxx

  2. Oh this cuppa was fantastic Em. Sounds like your first day back was I knew it would be. You are where you are meant to be and as I have said before, great things are in store for you my friend.
    How about a real life cuppa next week?

  3. what a wonderful chit chat of a post! I feel like we have just sat down to a cuppa...loving that you're loving the studies. It's wonderful to get your teeth into something you are passionate about...then there is no dredge of learning or studying, just pure joy! Oh have a wonderful week Em! xx

  4. what a lovely post/idea. Will join in too I think.

  5. What a lovely teacup! Good luck with your studies, your little tale about your cat made me giggle x

  6. so lovely to read another of your tea posts ... mine is a tad late due to one very small and new nephew ;) but I've finally linked up too!

    1. Oops! My first 'linky' didn't work (and I wasn't able to delete it!), so I added another one - sorry for the double up!

  7. Nice to join you again for tea! Glad you had a good week, I'm hoping to still join in - been a crazy week here so far :-)


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