Monday, December 10, 2012

{weekend stills}

1. The first wrapped presents. These are the ones to unwrap on Christmas Eve - three pairs of summer pj's and an Ikea cardboard gingerbread house to construct, with little lights inside.   (Picked up for $1 at Ikea yesterday. Yes, I wanted to buy 20. Luckily my husband was with me and only let me take 3)

2. He was so excited to write Christmas cards to his friends. I thought it would become tedious, but he wrote them all. And the envelopes.

3. So did she. With just a little help with g's and y's.

4. And then they insisted they needed candy canes and handing them out today at school was of the utmost importance. Cue morning rush to shop for candy canes. Not to mention the missing shoe incident. Sigh.

5. I am totally in denial that we move in a week. So of course I am printing printables (thanks for sharing Leah, you can find them here to print too!) and rearranging frames, that I really should be packing in boxes.

6. Slowly, slowly getting through my list of hand made gifts. Crocheted madly all the way to Ikea and back.

7. Cheeky Indiecat sneaks into his room to sleep most evenings. Traitor.

8. Today, hanging home in the cool, with the littlest one...

9. And packing and cleaning the laundry is on the to-do list.

I'm joining up with some lovely others today, thanks for having me Em!



  1. Hi Em!

    Love your photos!

    xo jody

  2. The photo of your little one asleep just made me smile and 'aaw'. Sleeping children are the sweetest! I can understand you being in denial about moving in a week! I hope it all goes well! Beautiful photos!

  3. what sweet delights! i love the wrapped up goodies, the crochet goodness and all the hints of Christmas even amoungst the packing! oh have a good week lovey

  4. Yes the photo of your little one and the cat made me smile. Such a cute photo.
    I seemed to do a bit of redecorating when I last moved and I too should have been packing. It's as if all the cleared surfaces get the creative juices happening.

  5. All kinds of lovely!! YOur home looks alive with Chrissie cheer. Wishing you lovely days (as lovely as days spent moving can be!) and thanks for the printable links...gorgeous :) x

  6. Em! Congratulations you won my giveaway! My husband judged your answer as most deserving and to be honest my heart did a little jump with joy as I couldn't agree more. Moving to a new home around this time deserves a little rescue package and I hope that my few humble handmade gifts can provide a little Christmas cheer to you and your family! Email me your address miranarnie{at}optusnetnet{dot}com{dot}au and I will post it off asap!



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