Monday, May 21, 2012

may :: the journey

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my head is stuffy, and my nose is runny.
the kids are sleeping, heater whirring, {green} tea sitting, and cooling.
my heavy head is about to take itself off to bed, but I needed to voice
just a little creative release.
I have a little knot in my stomach that I can't explain.
it's something beyond a simple worry.
the whisper of... something.
something I can't quite put my finger on.
when I do I'll let you know.
a call maybe?
one from a distance...
I keep trying to catch it in my mind, but it's cheeky, and fast moving.

I am not making much sense, I know.
but don't you get that feeling sometimes?
it's like trying to hear a voice, but it's just a tiny bit below audible.

then the distractions take over and I'm wondering if he put his homework away
or if I should pull out an extra blanket for her bed
and I'll definitely sneak socks on her while she's sleeping
she always kicks the blankets off

life is a vapor
sometimes I want to grab hold of it with two hands and hold it as tight as I can
with the hands that are beginning to look like my mother's

other times, i let go
that peace is inexplicable.



  1. this is so beautiful and moving. thank you for sharing. sending you love. lots of it.

    1. Thank you beautiful! I'm glad the random workings of my head have somehow inspired you! Sending you love right back! xo

  2. Love you missy moo, be gone head cold!! xxx

    1. Love you too lovely... I think retail therapy helped my cold ;) xxx

  3. Em, you have beautiful way with words!!
    i hope you're all feeling better soon.
    ~dee x

    1. That is an amazing compliment from a woman who has such a lovely way with words herself!!! Thanks gorgeous Dee xxx

  4. beautiful words capturing many a woman, a mother's thoughts.

    1. Thank you Sandra - I'm glad I'm not the only one ;) xox

  5. My nose too, is running and my head stuffy. Similar worlds only streets away. Hope you feel better quckly. Love reading what goes on in your mind :-)

    1. Thanks Chels! Hope you feel better quick!!! xoxo

  6. Beautiful Mrs! I love how you write xxxx


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