Thursday, May 24, 2012

creative space

Like a lot of things, my creative mojo ebbs and flows.
Thankfully it's been flowing lately, and I've reacquainted myself with my sewing machine! Yippee!

I finally made a table cubby for the smalls, and it was put to good use the following weekend with a sleepover for the older two in there (although only Mr J actually stayed in there all night, Miss E ended up, as usual, in our bed).
It was a fiddly, big job, but not actually as daunting as I first thought. And once I'd started, it came together fairly quickly.
The best thing was the fact that it was made entirely out of an old sheet from the linen cupboard, an old Ikea curtain I had in the stash, and fabric I already had. It didn't cost me a cent!

And so worth the effort, especially with winter around the corner, I can see a lot of indoor play days under there!

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  1. Well done Em! This is something I 'think' about doing but doubt I will tackle. your kids will have lots of fun under there and you will reap the benefits too! Look forward to seeing photos of tea parties and pirate caves xxx

  2. I love projects that you can make entirely from stash - it is SO satisfying!

  3. How cute is this. So sweet. I love a pretty little space. Thank you for sharing. Elizabeth from thedotdotblog.

  4. Nothing like a cubby inside to have cosy fun in. Well done with the resourcefulness. xx

  5. Its gorgeous! I have had this on my "to make" list for ages. I really should hurry up and make it before the smalls are no longer small.

  6. It's a beauty! And I LOVE that you were able to make it using things you already had, it's my fave thing to do, be resourceful and recycle. Thanks for showing us all!!


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