Tuesday, May 22, 2012

{chocolate weet-bix slice}

Also known as 'Brown Betty', although I have no idea why! 
It's what my mum called it. 
I only know it as Weet-Bix Slice now, because I've conformed to my husband!
This is my go-to recipe when I can't think of anything else, or don't have any fancy ingredients on hand, or need to take a plate of morning tea.

Our household go through a lot of Weet-Bix. A good tip I use, once you've eaten all the unbroken bix, is to tie a knot in the bag with the loose crumbs in the bottom.
It only takes a few bags of crumbs to make a slice (you need approximately six weet- bix, but everything in this recipe is approximate!).
I'm sure there are 'proper' recipes out there but this is the one we always used as I was growing up. I've converted it a little for use in the thermomix, which makes it even easier!

125g butter
6 crushed weet-bix
1 cup self-raising flour (120g)
1/2 cup desiccated coconut (30g)
1/4 cup cocoa (15g)
1 cup sugar (150g) (although I often reduce this amount) 

Melt the butter (60 degrees, 2 min, speed 1, or until melted), stir through the dry ingredients well (use reverse speed on 2 or 3).
I often have to add a little extra butter, or oil or milk, but you don't want your mixture to be too wet. Just enough so that it can be pressed into a tin nicely. (mine is a square slice tin)
Bake for about 15 minutes and cool completely before icing. (mix together icing sugar, cocoa and a bit of water in a small bowl to make a smooth icing, and sprinkle more desiccated coconut over the top - or even 100's & 1000's for a special treat)

Do not fool yourself into thinking that because it contains weet-bix it is healthy! It is NOT! But it is a very yummy sweet treat, perfect with a cup of tea.
It also freezes well, if you can exercise self-control and save it for another day!

Happy baking! I'm off to have a slice...



  1. Wow, I've got to try this!! So very simple :)

  2. Oh yes...a childhood favourite of mine that my children now love too. x

    1. Brings back memories doesn't it! I love introducing my own kids to childhood faves! xx

  3. Looks very yummy! We were big weet-bix fans in our house until my boy showed signs of wheat intolerance. Pah! I would love to sink my teeth into a slice right now . . . mmm. And as always, your blog is looking gorgeous. I'm a very naughty visitor as I have been guilty of not leaving comments! Blessings, xx Fi

  4. Oh thank you! I love that you have been visiting - it's just a bonus hearing from you as well! :) And pah! to wheat intolerances! I wonder if there's something you could substitute instead? xxx

  5. I've seen various versions of this recipe on the net today, and people have suggested using cornflakes instead of weetbix. If there is no flour in cornflakes then this could work for coeliacs :)

  6. This was my sister's signature dish during high school, but she (says she) lost the recipe - thanks for sharing it!


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